What does Secure VA mean?


  1. Securing our constitutional rights in order to protect us from those who seek to infringe upon those rights.

  2. Securing our Commonwealth through a focus on public safety so ALL Virginians can feel safe at home, work, school and other events.

  3. Securing a quality education for the future of Virginia by holding teachers accountable, requiring our tax dollars to be spent in the classroom and also by reworking the tuition structure in Virginia’s higher education so that every Virginian can afford our great colleges and universities.

  4. Securing our economy by going back to the commonsense, conservative principles that made us one of the top places to do business as well as prioritizing our spending to ensure that our tax dollars are spent wisely.

  5. Finally, securing the infrastructure needs in our Commonwealth so that every part of Virginia can thrive. 


Now more than ever Virginia needs real leadership to get us through these challenging times.  The Secure VA PAC is dedicated to pursuing commonsense, conservative ideas to help meet the challenges we face. 

Secure VA PAC is a political action committee started by former Virginia State Senator Bill Carrico.  Its mission is to develop conservative strategies and plans to provide security to all Virginians.


Over the last few years, we have seen leaders in our Commonwealth shift Virginia further and further left; from efforts to repeal many second amendment rights, to calls to “defund the police,” to a lack of leadership in dealing with COVID-19, which has wrecked our economy and forced many small businesses to close. 


Secure VA PAC will focus its efforts on developing strategies and plans that will bring sanity and commonsense back to governance.

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